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Spreading Joy

One Painting At A Time


Welcome to my acrylic contemporary nature scene web site! Here you will find a collection of my latest works, inspired by the natural world around us from vibrant sunsets to peaceful forests, each piece captures the beauty and tranquility of nature in a unique and captivating way. I hope my art brings you joy and inspires you to appreciate and protect our planet's precious resources. Thank you for visiting and enjoy exploring my site. 

About The Gallery

paintings are hand painted by Theresa Summit. She gets her inspiration from life and childhood memories. There is a story behind each painting and is included with your purchase. Not all of the paintings in the gallery are for sale as they have sold. Inquire within if one interests you. Theresa will accept commission pieces. If you have a photo of your favorite or special nature space, please let us know.

What We Offer

Each piece in the gallery was hand picked because it was either Theresa's favorite

painting or had been in spotlight magazine and or was in a different online gallery for a time. some of the paintings are sold so if one interests you then inquire within. We would be glad to assist you.


Acrylic Paintings

original paintings


Prepped Canvas

Selected Gallery

About The Artist

Theresa Summit is a self-taught painter who discovered her passion for art in 2021. With no prior experience, she decided to give it a try and quickly fell in love with the process of creating something beautiful from scratch. Theresa loves to experiment with different techniques and mediums, and her artwork often features bright colors and bold, abstract designs. When she's not painting, Theresa can be found exploring the great outdoors through long distance running, hiking, and white water rafting. She has a deep appreciation for all things nature and finds inspiration for her art in the natural world around her.


AC Page

"I highly recommend this page. Very supportive and inspiring artist. Keep up the good work."
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