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The Full Story


Theresa Summit is a self-taught painter who discovered her passion for art in 2021. With no prior experience, she decided to give it a try and quickly fell in love with the process of creating something beautiful from scratch. Theresa loves to experiment with different techniques and mediums, and her artwork often features bright colors and bold, abstract designs. When she's not painting, Theresa can be found exploring the great outdoors through long distance running, hiking, and white water rafting. She has a deep appreciation for all things nature and finds inspiration for her art in the natural world around her.


Theresa Summit is an artist who strongly believes in spreading happiness and positivity through her paintings. Her mission statement, "Spreading joy one painting at a time," reflects her commitment to her craft and her desire to uplift others with her work. Theresa wants her paintings to be hung on as many walls as possible so that they can bring joy and inspiration to people everywhere. Her passion for art and her dedication to spreading happiness are what makes her paintings truly special, and her mission statement is a testament to the impact that art can have on our lives. 


Theresa Summit is a passionate artist who draws her inspiration from nature and the memories of her childhood. She has a vision of capturing the essence of nature's beauty and sharing it with the world through her paintings. Her creative process begins with looking through photos of nature and reminiscing about the memories of her younger years that she holds so close to her heart. Through her artwork, Theresa hopes to evoke a sense of joy and wonder in others and bring a little bit of the natural world in to their homes. 

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