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Enter a mystical world of nature's beauty and power with this magnificent masterpiece titled "Majestic Falls". The artwork transports you to a serene landscape where a majestic waterfall cascades down with grace and power, surrounded by rugged cliffs, lush evergreen trees, and tranquil waters below. The artist's unique style captures the essence of this enchanting scene, bringing to life the wonder and magic of the natural world. Immerse yourself in the mystery and beauty of "Majestic Falls" and let your imagination soar.

Thank you for visiting and come back for more. I’ve come across a ton of photos from my travels that I’ll be using as inspiration. Lots of original, unique paintings! Follow for updates. Commissions now open. Call 509-239-4013 for details. Text/message and I’ll get back for details on your piece.

Thank you,

Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings by

Theresa Summit Arts

Majestic Falls

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  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If for any reason your unsatisfied with your purchase, I’ll refund you 100 percent of your purchase price within the 30 day timeframe. However, I’m confident that you’ll fall even more in love with your painting when you set eyes on it for the first time in person!!! Thank you for your purchase!

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