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Step into a magical forest with "Lighted Way"! This enchanting 11”x14” acrylic on canvas painting is a vibrant depiction of a dense forest bathed in the warm glow of sunrise or sunset. Tall, majestic trees reach towards the sky, their branches swaying gently in the breeze. The lush greenery of the forest is brought to life with a playful, impressionistic style that captures the essence of nature's beauty. Let your imagination run wild as you explore this whimsical and enchanting artwork! Follow for updates and join spaces free. Join me and get notified. Commissions are now open!! Thank you and come back soon!


Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings

by Theresa Summit Arts

Lighted Way

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  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If for any reason your not happy with your purchase, I’ll refund you 100 percent of the purchase price within the 30 days of purchase. However, I know that you’ll be overly joyed with your new purchase. It’s an extraordinary piece. Thank you for your purchase!

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