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"God's Word" is a mesmerizing masterpiece of acrylic on canvas, measuring 8"x10". Vibrant shades of blue and purple dance across the canvas, creating a dynamic display of energy and motion. A central vertical structure, illuminated and reflective, draws the viewer in, while expressive brushstrokes radiate outward like a burst of light. Dark blues at the bottom contrast with lighter areas above, hinting at a divide between realms or the shimmering surface of water. This enigmatic piece evokes a sense of divine power and mystery, leaving viewers captivated by its mystical beauty.

Thank you for visiting my site. I have put a lot of my paintings to girthed by theme and or color for your convenience. I hope you find it easier to find what your looking for and if not… well, commissions are now open!! Give me a call at(509)230-4013 Theresa Summit and leave a message or text and I will get back to you with details. My ringer on my phone is broke so if I don’t catch ya during the call I’ll miss it. So please leave a message or text and I will get back to you!!!

Theresa Summit

Timeless paintings by

Theresa Summit Arts

Gods Word

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  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If for any reason your not satisfied, I’ll refund 100 percent if your purchase price within the 30 day timeframe.

    However, I’m confident that you’ll fall in love with your new painting even more as you first unwrap it when it’s delivered to your front porch. Thank you for your order!!!

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