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Step into a world of Eternal Glow, where the celestial dance of sunrise or sunset illuminates the sky with vibrant oranges and pinks, casting a radiant light that stretches across the canvas. Below, the energetic brushstrokes of the sea churn with life, capturing the essence of waves crashing against a rocky cliff adorned with towering evergreen trees. A distant mountain range adds a touch of depth to the scene, separating the heavens from the earthly waters below. This mystical painting invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a picturesque coastal landscape, where nature's elements intertwine in a harmonious symphony of light and shadow.

Thank you for visiting my shop. I just found a lot of photos from my travels that I’ll be using as inspiration. That means lots of new paintings on the horizon. Follow for updates. Also, commissions are now open. Call 509-230-4013 for details. Leave message or text and I’ll get back for those details. Thanks!!

Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings by

Theresa Summit Arts

Eternal Glow

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  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee within 40 days of purchase. If for any reason your not satisfied with your purchase, I’ll refund 100 percent of the purchase price within the 30 day timeframe. However, I’m confident that you’ll fall in love even more with your painting as you unwrap it and see it in person for the first time. Thank you for your purchase! You won’t be disappointed!!

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