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My inspiration came from my younger years when I used to go skiing. Crystal mountain is where we usually went and we always had a great time. I worked at Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant at the time. All the employees would get together with the owners and we would go skiing in the winter and Reno during the summer. I miss those days at times. Especially when I speak of those times which I rarely do. Thank you for visiting my shop. Please come back soon because I’m adding new inventory to my shop for you. Follow me on most platforms to view painting videos/reels. I have a ton of content and am always adding to my sites. My two main platforms are Instagram and Facebook. Let others know about TheresaSummitArts so we can begin, “Spreading joy one painting at a time. My warmest gratitude for your amazing support. For the original visit

Theresa Summit

Theresa Summit Arts

Ski Lodge

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