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The artwork is a painting of a serene landscape featuring a waterfall. The waterfall flows down from a ledge into a calm body of water, possibly a pond or a small lake. Surrounding the waterfall are lush trees, their leaves depicted in warm autumnal hues of red, yellow, and orange, indicating the season might be fall. Some trees retain the green of summer, adding a contrast to the fiery colors of autumn.

The cascade of the waterfall is rendered with white and lighter blue tones, creating a visual effect of motion as the water plunges into the lake. At the bottom, there is a disturbance on the surface of the water, suggesting the impact of the waterfall. Reflected on the lake's surface are the trees and the waterfall itself, subtly adding to the sense of tranquility.

The foliage is painted with a blend of different brushstrokes, giving the trees texture and depth. The overall atmosphere conveyed by the painting is one of natural and peaceful solitude. The use of light and shadow in the painting suggests a source of light coming from above, possibly filtered through the canopy, which enhances the realism and depth of the scene. The artist has chosen a palette that emphasizes the richness of the landscape and the seasonal change.

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“Spreading joy with my Timeless Paintings.”

Theresa Summit

Theresa Summit Arts

Peaceful Falls

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