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As I stood gazing at the majestic purple mountain of Mount Rainier, a flood of memories rushed in and I couldn’t help but to smile. The purple hue was so enchanting and captivating that it felt as if I was transported to a different world altogether. The snow-capped peak stood tall and proud, dominating the landscape with its sheer size and beauty.

As I painted the last details of the mountain, my mind wandered back to the days when me and my friends would hike up the mountain over the weekend. We would pack our backpacks with food and water, and set out on the trail early in the morning. The hike wasn’t easy, but the breathtaking views made it worth it.

We would stop at different points along the way, taking in the stunning scenery and clicking pictures with our cameras. The sound of chirping birds would fill our ears, and the fresh mountain air would invigorate our senses. Once we reached the summit, we would sit and admire the panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and hills.

As I finished painting the last details, I felt a rush of nostalgia wash over me. The memories of these hikes with my friends were etched in my mind, and the purple mountain of Mount Rainier.

This beauty is a larger painting measuring a whopping 24”x30”. Enjoy bringing in the natural world into your home to escape the hustle and bustle of the day.

Please come visit us again soon. New arrivals will be posted on a regular basis as needed.

“Spreading joy one painting at a time.”

Theresa Summit

Theresa Summit Arts


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Have a fabulous week.

Mount Rainier

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  • I promise and guarantee that you will love your painting even more than you expected and will refund your money within 30 days of purchase if it doesn’t match your wants and needs.

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