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Echoes of the Bridge is a stunning acrylic painting on canvas that captures the beauty of a tranquil landscape scene. The artwork features a vibrant, stylized sky with warm yellow tones blending into purples and pinks, suggesting a serene sunrise or sunset. A row of trees divides the sky from the water below, depicted with dabs of green and yellow paint. The body of water reflects the colors of the sky, with three sailboats gliding across the surface. A green bridge spans the water, connecting two unseen points, with a three-dimensional form created through light and shadow. Blooming flowers or vegetation in the lower right corner add a textural element to the scene. The overall composition exudes a dreamy, impressionistic quality, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the atmospheric beauty of the artwork.

Interesting fact about The Green Bridge.

Green Bridge stood in Kennewick/Pasco for 68 Years. They closed the Green Bridge down on the morning of September 16,1978 when the Cable bridge was opened. It was demolished in 1990. We were all sad to see her go. We used to watch the fish jump as we crossed, there were a lot of boats on the water and still is. The Columbia River is a popular river and is the largest River in the Pacific. It’s about 1243 long and empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you and comeback soon.

Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings by Theresa Summit Arts

Echos of the Bridge

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