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This image displays a painting that appears to be done with thick, impasto brushstrokes, giving it a richly textured surface. The artwork represents a landscape dominated by a vast suspension bridge, reminiscent of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, extending across the canvas. The bridge's towers thrust upwards, bisected by the art's upper edge. It connects two indistinct masses that we might interpret as landforms.

Warm and earthy tones are prominent, such as ochres, burnt sienna, and deep browns, suggesting an abstracted and atmospheric rendition of a scene which may typically be recognized for its vivid red-orange color in real life. The background blends into the sky, where brushstrokes of white, blue, and orange create a hazy, perhaps even tumultuous sky.

The artistic style is expressionistic, bold, and somewhat abstract, with a sense of movement conveyed by the swirling patterns in both sky and water. The rapid, visible brushwork conveys a sense of dynamism and adds emotional intensity to the scene. The reflections and interplay of colors suggest that the time of day could be either dawn or dusk, infusing the scene with a sense of change or transition. Overall, the painting invokes a powerful, almost dreamlike interpretation of a suspension bridge within a transformed, intense landscape.

16”x20” stretched, prepped canvas

Theresa Summit

Theresa Summit Arts

Golden Gate

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