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Step into a world of icy enchantment with "Glacier Falls," a mesmerizing painting that transports the viewer to a snow-covered mountain landscape. A thick veil of falling snow creates a magical atmosphere, with waterfalls cascading down the rugged cliffs and converging into a frozen pool below. The water shimmers with frozen movement, while dark silhouettes of trees add a sense of mystery and scale to the scene. The color palette of whites, blues, and grays, punctuated by stark black contrasts, evokes a sense of solitude and chill. This artwork, created with hand-mixed colors and painted with meticulous detail, captures the ethereal beauty of a winter wonderland.

Thank you for visiting my site and come back soon! I’ve found old photos from my travels that I’m using for inspiration, meaning lots of paintings on the horizon. Follow for updates. Commissions are now open. Call 509-230-4013 for details. Text/message and I’ll get back for details on your piece.

Thank you

Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings by

Theresa Summit Arts

Glacier Falls

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  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If for any reason your not satisfied with your painting, then I’ll refund 100 percent of your purchase price within the 30 day timeframe. However, I’m confident that you’ll fall even more in love with your purchase when you set your eyes for the first time in person.!

    Thank you for your purchase!

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