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Experience the breathtaking beauty of "Fearless," a stunning acrylic painting on stretched canvas. This captivating artwork features a solitary sailboat on a tranquil body of water, set against a backdrop of a vibrant and fiery sky. The warm tones of orange, gold, red, and purple create a sense of depth and tranquility, while the reflection of the boat in the water adds a symmetrical and calming effect to the scene. This piece blends realism with impressionism, showcasing the artist's talent for creating evocative and romantic maritime atmospheres. Hand-mixed paints were used to achieve the stunning colors and bold brushstrokes that bring this piece to life. Dive into the beauty of "Fearless" and let the artist's mood and character shine through in this exquisite artwork.

The frame is not included. Only the original on

canvas is available for now. Prints and matching decor coming soon.

“Spreading joy with my Timeless Paintings.”

Theresa Summit

Timeless Paintings by Theresa Summit Arts


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